Monday, November 11, 2019

Making McAuley Day Candles

In STEM we have been learning about the properties of  materials. We have been mixing, dissolving and melting different materials. As part of our learning about melting we watched candles burn and melt.
We decided to make Teacup Candles to gift to the other classes, for them to use for McAuley Day. We created decorative designs for the saucers using blue, gold and silver colours. At assembly we gifted these to the teachers and classes. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Today we started to create our musical instruments. We invited Te Kahu class to buddy up with us to help with using the tools and the construction process. Everyone in Kea class had a buddy working with them. The photos show the Tuakana-Teina creativity at work. Many thanks Te Kahu for all of your help.
Kea Class are well on the way with their instruments. Some are ready for decorating already, and others just need a little bit more work before being decorated. The students all enjoyed their learning, and they are all very proud of what they have achieved so far.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Cross Country

On August 8th Pompallier School all traveled to Cutler's Farm for our school cross country races. Kea Class really enjoyed the day. They have written some great recounts about their experiences to share with you. In our writing we were trying to use description and personal comments to help our readers visualise what was happening and understand how we were feeling. 

On Thursday the 8th  of August the whole school was at the Cutler’s farm for Cross country.  To get to the farm, we had to walk down a muddy and smelly track. When all of the students were there, we all walked over to the gazebo to start the races. First went the seniors, next the  juniors. We were second to last to run .
When Mrs Watson yelled, “GO!”,  we all ran through the mud and nearly slipped over. When we came to the plank,  I felt like I was going to fall… and I nearly did! But I kept on running again. Finally, we got to the hill.  I tumbled down, but i got up again. Then I passed where Sittie was standing.  At the trough I passed Mrs Ryken, and there was a MASSIVE pile of mud just before the finish line. I came first place! I was relieved that it was finally over. It was a long, long, long run and  I was so tired. I just wanted to go to sleep. But I felt fit and like I could run more (even though I didn't want to).
I loved slipping and sliding through the mud. It was fun… And funny too, for some reason. I really enjoyed cross country. I always love cross country. It's fun and I want to do it again next year. YAY!
by Hannah

On Thursday we had cross country. When we got there, I was scared and nervous. In the race I was running as fast as I could. It was a long track. It was hard to keep up with the other girls. I was the last runner on the track. I was still happy, because if you turn the race around - I would come first place! I love cross country, and I felt good and happy too. It was amazing, because my little sister came second in her race. It made me feel so proud and happy.
by Kristyna

We were at the Cutler’s farm. We were there on the 8th of August. The whole school was there to do cross country. On the bus I was scared. When we got there the first thing I saw was a muddy track. So on the muddy track, we all started boosting. I nearly fell in the mud, because it was slippery.
When I got there, there was a race starting. I was frightened. I kept waiting for our race to start. Finally, it was our race. Mrs Watson said go!! So then we boosted off. Halfway I got tired. There were lots of people cheering go!! I got puffed out! When we went down the hill, it was terrifying with all the holes and it was so muddy!!
I will tell you what place I came - I came third. I was happy and hungry and tired ! I was so puffed out, but I'm proud of myself.

by Kelisha

On Thursday 8th August 2019 we went to the Cutler’s farm. But first we sang our house group songs at school. Then we got on the bus. I was so bored on the bus! Then I forgot , I put my book in my bag. So I wrote on it until we got to the farm. Then we walked through the stinky, winky mud to where we were running.
Every year I usually beat Kurt ! I have beaten him four years in a row. Our race started. We went through the forest, then ducked under the fence. We ran balancing across a skinny bridge, then we went down the bumpy hill and through the very, very muddy track to the finish line. I beat Kurt again!
After that I went to the canteen to buy some food. Finally we went back to school and my soccer ball came back to me ! When we went into the classroom there were only seven of us, so we watched Mr Bean. He was so, so hilarious! Then we went home. It was a fantastic DAY!
by Kevin

Last Thursday the 8th of August, the whole school went to cross country. It was at Cutler’s farm. Everyone was excited for cross country, but I was nervous. The most nervous thing, was thinking about Nathan and Zandor. I really wanted to beat Nathan! I am not going to tell you what place I came until the end okay?!
It started to rain, and my mum said get under the shelter, and I said okay. She was really embarrassing me - she does it every year!
The races were going to start. It was the year six girls. Finally!! My race - ready set go - bang! Everyone boosted off. I boosted off. Then, everyone started to slow down, but I jogged up the hill. I went the wrong way, and a lot of people overtook me and I had too boost in front of them again. When I got in front of them, I didn't stop right in front of them because they could overtake me again. So I kept on running in front of them. I did a somersault down the hill. Everybody was laughing! I had to slide over to get up the road. The road was so long! Now the finish - I was so tired! Finally, the end and I will tell you what place I came - I came 2nd place. I felt good that I finished second.

by Christiaan

I went to cross country at the Cutler’s farm. It was on Thursday the 8th of August. The whole school was there. I came third in my race. I like cross country, because it is fun.
At the farm I was nervous. When I was running on the track, I was terrified! When I was at the end, I was relieved and happy, and I was really, really hungry.

by Zara

On the bus I was very excited, worried and terrified. It was really noisy, but it was comfortable.
Race time! I lined up. Got set. “Go”, yelled Mrs Watson. My heart was pumping really fast. The track was rough and smelly, and there was lots of mud. I came first place in the girl’s race and Dante came first place in the boy’s race. When I finished, I was hungry and I had some hot, yummy food. It was so good!
I was so proud of myself and Mrs Ryken was proud too.
by Te Whiti

We did cross country, and I went on the bus to go there. When I got on the bus it was noisy. When I got there I saw my mum. I put my bag down, then I went by my mum.
I was excited. We walked on the muddy track, and my shoes got muddy. I was nervous about the race. When we got there, we had to stay in a space so we could have a run. When I ran, I slipped in the mud, but then I got back to running. I came eighth place but it was still good. I was proud of my myself. I love cross country. It is the best.

by Serenity

On cross country day Mum, Tyler and I went to Cutler’s farm for our school cross country race. It was very muddy. The Year 4s all lined up at the start line. Mrs Cutler said “Ready, set, go!!”
We ran down the track, then up the hill, under the fence across a little river... I just ran as fast as I could. Then we ran down a steep hill. I slipped all the way down. Then I could see the finish line. I went past where Sittie and Mrs Ryken were showing us the way. I came in fifth place and I was very happy with myself.

by Layton

Today I will be talking about the 2019 cross country…
It all started at my house a few days ago, when we were all getting ready for the cross country run. My dad, mum and my little brother and I were all there. I said to my dad “I don't want to go”. But he made me go. On the other hand, my little brother Nigel was VERY excited.
When we were all ready we went to the car and headed off to the farm. Then we were in the car and were going to the farm. It was a pretty boring trip, so we did play a little bit of ~EYE SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE~ ,but it was so BORING!!!.
When we got there, I thought that we were the first ones there, but when we got up the mountain there were a lot of people on top. Well there isn't as much as the bus people, but there was still a lot of people. There was yummy food, a lot of mud and poop, and even a portaloo (I think the cows should of pooped in the portaloo- just saying...)
When the bus and the other people were walking up the hill they came up one by one, then three by three, then everyone. It was basically a stampede! When all the people were up the hill people started to sell food - yummy yummy! YUMMY!! First I bought some chocolate then more chocolate and a hot coco then more chocolate and a lamington cake and then 30 minutes later I got another chocolate!! I think I got a sugar rush. My little brother also got a hot dog, and till this day he still wants another one! I guess they were pretty good. I do remember that we bought some American hot dogs from the supermarket, which were the exact same as cross country ones, so he loved them too.
Ok, now it is time for me to tell you about my race. First the teacher showed us where to go. She showed us a map that I didn't understand. So on the run, I just followed the other people. Then she said, “Ready, set, go!” We all raced off, but then I got tired, and then I started to walk. After that I ran for a bit, then I didn't… it was a very slow process! We ran through the forest, up hills, down hills, sliding down hills, rolling down hills, going through mud as tall as my foot...
But when I crossed the finish line I came seventh and Kevin still beat me, because he came sixth. He beats me every year. I am still so mad about that. He beat me again. And I am even madder, that my little brother came a higher place than me - he came fifth!

by Kurt

We all went to Cutler’s farm on the bus. It was very muddy, but a lot of fun. We all lined up at the start for the Year 3 boy’s race. I was very nervous, but excited. Then we were off! It was lots of fun. I came first. I was happy and proud of myself. Tae came second. After the race, I had a drink and a yummy hot dog. It was a fun day!
by Dante

I had butterflies in the bus. I was afraid to go to cross country. I was getting butterflies again! The race was starting. I ran as fast as I could. We went over the bridge. I stopped my legs were getting sore. I couldn't go on but I tried my hardest to finish the race. I had a good day I went back home.
The next day we went to Dargaville, because I had a swollen throat. When I got back from cross country I got it. I went from Kaitaia to Dargaville. It took a long time and I fell asleep. When we got to Dargaville, and I went to the doctor. After the doctor, I went to my Nan’s for a sleep over.

by Ezra

At cross country we had to go to the Cutler’s farm. The day we went to cross country was last Thursday 8th of August. Most of the school got to go on to the bus, but I didn’t go on the bus, because my mum drove me there. When we got to the Cutler’s farm, it was so muddy and there was water flowing across in the grass. It smelled like flowers and cow poo! There were lots of hills. The hills were so yucky and slimy too! It was so disgusting.
The whole school was so excited! The food and drink at the canteen was hot chocolate, green tea, rice bubble cake and coffee too!
When cross country was finished I had dirty clothes. I was so tired and exhausted. I was slipping in the mud and rolling in the mud too. When we got back to school, the whole school was sore and tired. It was a big day on Thursday 8th of August. Cross country was awesome, but it was scary too!
by Evie

On Thursday the 8th of August it was cross country. The Year 3s ran last. I came in fifth place. We are going to run again at the zone finals. I can't tell you what place I will come yet, but all I know is that I will try to win. I don’t think I will because Te Whiti beat me in our race.
I had a lot of fun. When we walked to the farm, there were a lot of puddles. My shoes were so muddy and I did not like the smell. I felt really smelly because of the mud on me. It was so smelly that I wanted to go home. But it was lots of fun and I am really happy that I got fifth place.

by Tayla

Everyone was so excited to get to the Cutler’s farm for cross country. In the bus everyone got so noisy. Finally we arrived. We all started walking down the path. When I was walking I slipped, but I got up and helped little kids. We finally arrived at our destination. When I put my bag under the shelter, I bought some cakes because I was hungry.
The race was about to begin. Mrs Watson said “GO!” We hit the pedal to the metal! When I was coming down the hill I slipped, and I tumbled down. But I still came in third place.
I loved cross country, but I was happy to get out of the mud.
by Soham

At cross country we had to go to Cutler’s farm. It was on Thursday the 8th of August. The whole of the Pompallier kids went. Some went on the bus, and some got taken by parents in a car.
When we got there, we got some food and drink . At the cafe there was hot chocolate, hot dogs, rice bubble cake, green tea, coffee, more cake and cupcakes. We got a hot chocolate and a hot dog, which I ate and drank.
After that we saw a baby lamb. Louise got to take her around, and then I got to walk around with her. Next I got to carry her. After that Kaycee and I were playing around on the hill. When we were done, we went for a walk.
I enjoyed watching the races, and I loved watching Paumea come fifth in his race.
by Hine

On Thursday the 8th we had cross country at the Cutler’s farm. When we all got there , we had to walk down a smelly and muddy driveway. Then it was racing time! All the year 4s lined up and got ready to race. Mrs Watson yelled go! We went as fast as we could. I was lucky that I came second place.
My mum was helping with the canteen. I got a yummy hot chocolate from her. Afterwards, I went with Isabella. We went to McDonalds and I got a happy meal. I saw Lucy and her brothers there. I went to Isabella's to play.
I had the best day! I wish the day wasn't over.  
by Louise

On Thursday 8th of August we had cross country races at Cutler’s farm for the whole school. When we were saying our chants, it was really noisy. After we did our chants, we were walking on the path way to get on the bus. It was noisy on the bus. I fell asleep, but I was so nervous and excited. When we got off the bus we had to. walk all the way to the running tracks. I slipped while we were walking.
When the races were starting, I was really, really really nervous !!! I felt like I wasn't going to come first. When the race started, Christiaan was coming first, then I overtook him. I went the wrong way, so then I was coming last. I said to myself, “I am going to come last place”. Then I nearly lost my shoe, and then something weird happened. I was overtaking all of them! Then Hannah caught up. I tried to overtake her, but she was gone! Louise was trying to overtake me too, but I kept running. I lost her, and she was way behind me. In the end, I was so close to beating Hannah, then I stopped because I needed to catch my breath. Once I started running again, she had finished.
I saw Christiaan behind me. I finished the race! I was so lucky. I came first place for the boys. Everyone was cheering me on!
Then after all that, I went home. But my mum said I can go to Christiaan’s after that. I liked cross country. I think everyone came first because everyone did some hard work trying to beat each other.
by Nathan

We went in the car a long way. When we were walking, I slipped in the muddy puddles. When we got there, the year 3 boys went first. So they all lined up. In the race, the boys had to cross the river. When the boys finished it was my turn to run. When I went down the hill, I nearly rolled down. I came fourth place. I was so proud of myself. I was happy it was over. After that I was so hungry!
by Dakota

At cross country we went to the Cutler’s farm. It was on Thursday the 8th of August, and the whole school was there. The races were fast. There were some mishaps, but we did this for fun or excitement, and the tradition of getting fit.
Now, when we were driving there the road was rocky and the tar was sticky. The walk was mucky, yucky, slimy and slippery. There was a yummy cafe that had hot chocolate, hot dogs and rice bubble cake too. Onto Hine - she was funny and weird. She spilled hot chocolate on her. Everyone with hot chocolate spilled It on them!
Also, there was Danika's lamb there. It reminded me of Sooty. Danika's lamb had a warm fluffy coat.
The races I watched were amazing. My brother was seventh place in his race. We left after his race. I enjoyed being at cross country.
by Kaycee 

Friday, August 16, 2019

Discovery Learning - Music and Sound

This term our STEM focus has included The Arts - we are enjoying STEAM sessions on Wednesday afternoons, that are supported by our Literacy and Maths learning activities related to our focus on Music and Sound. 
This term we have used a discovery learning approach. We have had a variety of different musical instruments to investigate and play. We have learnt about different types of musical instruments and how different materials are used to make different sounds in different families of instruments - string, percussion, brass, wind.
We have carried out a variety of activities to learn about sound and how certain materials can be used to make particular sounds.

Our aim is to design and make a musical instrument of our own. 

Each student has used what they have learnt about musical instruments, and how sound is produced to create a plan to make their own musical instrument, using labelled diagrams to show what the instrument will look like. Our plans include the materials we need, and the steps we will use to create our instrument. 

Some students are using Google Drawings to draft their plans - check out Zandor's cool plan for his Box Guitar.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

New Zealand Trees and Plants

As part of our learning focus on plants and growth, Kea class reading groups have been reading about different New Zealand native trees and plants. We started learning about why these plants are important to different groups of people, when we visited Waitangi in Week 3. Students have been using their learning to create slides to share at assembly, and here on the blog. We hope you enjoy them.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

What good Manaiakalani bloggers should share on a blog

We have been working with our facilitator, Whaea Donna, to learn about what we should be sharing on our class and individual student blogs. We are learning about being cyber smart, and making sure we are using public information - not private information.
Hannah has created a cool poster to show what we could include in our blog posts.

Soham created a poster showing what he could put on his own blog.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Introducing Kea Class

We have some google slides to introduce ourselves